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  • 12 October 2022
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Hi, we work with small business customers so make extensive use of the company layer in Intercom. It's quite usual that a single person is on multiple companies with the same email adress, but therefore has unique users in intercom (unique IDs, companies etc, but same email adress).


Is there some practical way of sending a newsletter to only unique email addresses? Currently we have customers complaining that they get our newsletter up to 10 times (as they're on 10 different companies).


The only way I can come up with is each time having to download the entire user list, remove duplicate email users, re-uploading with a tag, and sending only to tagged customers. A lot of work for our content team each time they want to send a simple newsletter!




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Hey @user157​! Oséas here from the Customer Support Specialist team 🕵️


A unique user may be part of multiple companies without having duplicated profiles in Intercom since we don't use Companies as identifiers for users. A common cause for duplicates would be using email and user ID inconsistently as unique identifiers. Email address can be treated as a unique identifier only if the user ID is absent on the user. This means it's possible to have two users with the same email address as long as they have different user IDs. Making sure that you pass consistent values for user ID should avoid duplicates which is the root cause of emails sent more than once.


You could clean up the users you don't want to keep by archiving them. You'd first have to figure out which of the two records you want to keep, though. There are two ways you could do this:


1. Using our Rest API


You'd want to create a script which would:

List Users,

Find the duplicates,

For the duplicate that you want to remove, make a request to archive it.


2. Using our CSV Export


The other option is to use our CSV export. You would then have to use some kind of script or formula to identify duplicate values. You could also try to get the exported users into Google Spreadsheets and use a formula or an add-on to do it. Once you have the list of people you want to archive, you can use a CSV import to tag those, and then archive them from the UI based on the tag.