None of my outbound messages (tours, tooltips, etc) are showing on frontend.

  • 31 July 2023
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We’re just launching and I’ve been working hard to get user support via tool tips, tours, and checklists. 

However, despite previously having my work show on the front end, suddenly nothing will appear. I’ve jigged and rejigged all the audience rules, settings, etc. and am at my wits end. 

Waiting for a live person to support but it has been a lot of hours and I’m getting desperate….literally supposed to be emailing our user testers now. 

Can anyone think of something I should be checking, or a setting that I should double check? It all works in my previews, but just not live on front. 

thank you in advance for any help or insight. Very appreciative of any time you have to take. 


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@Sally Hughes  So sorry to hear you have been waiting for some support and struggling to figure out why things are working!


If you haven't figured it out yet, feel free to DM me and maybe we can jump on a call.


Some things to check…


1. Did anything happen to the Intercom code that you added to your app or website? If that was removed or changed in some way maybe your messages aren't showing up for that reason?  Do you see the Intercom chat bubble showing up?

2. Where are you looking for your messages on the front end? From your own test accounts? Is it possible you've already matched and dismissed those messages so they won't appear again? Have you created another brand new user to test to be sure?


3. It's pretty hard to help troubleshoot without seeing some elements of your setup so hopefully you got a hold of support who can request access to look at your settings to fix it. Or we can jump on a call to screenshare to get to the bottom of it. 


Hope this helps, stepping away and looking at it with fresh eyes sometimes is better than just continuing to try to figure it out. 


Good luck and reach out if needed

We are having a similar problem within our application. We’ve been testing a lot with it recently and the problem is as follows.

When we create a tooltip on a specific page, the rules are matched and the preview is perfect. In our application we have 4 languages available. In whatever language our users profile is, the tooltips work perfectly, except for English (none of the tooltips shows). When changing the language in that profile, the tooltips show up, even when setting the language back to English. So the tooltips does not show the first time a user logs in in our application when their profile language is in English.

Once we changed the language settings for one of our users, the problem is solved for every user when we stay on the same browser. When deleting history, the problem from above is back. It is really annoying because a lot of our users will not see the tooltips. From the tips above, we tried everything and nothing helps. Our developer team has already taken a look at it, without result. 

I hope we can solve this together, thanks in advance!

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Hey @Sally Hughes Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 

It looks like my teammate Jacob reached out to give you a hand with your Tour but we didn’t hear back. Are you still having trouble here or are you all set? Just from first glance, it sounds like an issue of Intercom not being installed properly, so we aren’t able to launch any outbound features. Is your Messenger launching as expected? Feel free to reach back out if you still need some help!

​​​​@Support Admin This sounds like a bit different of an issue and likely involves session cookies and your audience rules. I see my teammate Femi was working with you on this a bit, are you still running into trouble here? If so, we can dive back into this with the support team!

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Hi, I’m having a similar issue. 

I am testing my tooltips+product tours live since they work differently compared to preview mode. 
It worked once and then I don’t see the product tours after making changes. 

Do I need to keep creating fake users? Is there a way where I can just delete my user and start again like it does on Userflow? I’m not sure how else to explain it but would love the help!

Also having issues viewing series.