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  • 26 July 2023
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I need to be able to send a lot of notifications (around 40k) to my users as quickly as possible. Currently I tested to send around 25k~ push notifications but it took more than 5min to send all of them. How could we improve performance ? And have a shorter deliver time ?


Thanks in advance 🙏🏽


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Hi there @Mus !

The volume of Push Messages that you’re sending is most likely slowing down the sending a bit. The delivery time or a Push Message can vary based on the volume of total messages that are getting sent system-wide, so there’s probably not much that you can control on your end when it comes to speeding up those delivery times. That said, I’m going to discuss this further with a member of our team to see if there’s any best practices that you could consider. I’ll add more here, once I’ve done that!

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Hi again, @Mus !

I heard back from our team and they confirmed that there’s not a lot that can be done about the speed of sending those Push messages. You can try sending in smaller batches (10K) or using event triggers for your messages so they aren’t all getting triggered at the same time.

All those Push messages get sent over the same system so if there’s a high volume load then that will slow things down.