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  • 10 November 2023
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Dear Intercom community!

I have been working with Intercom for a longer period of time, but I’m still encountering some challenges and hope someone can assist me here. 

The series I build has an entry rule and a first e-mail. After the e-mail was sent, I added an in-app post, which relies on the fact a user was online/ active after receiving the e-mail. Sadly, the post was just received by two people from over a hundred. The others are still pending, which can not be entirely true, cause some of those users were already active. 

There is obviously something I’m missing, but clearly I don’t know what it is. Does someone have an idea and can help me out? The help is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance and all the best,



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Hey @neele 👋🏼  Shauna here from Support! 

I’ve gone ahead and opened a conversation for you with our support team - they will be able to dig into this further and see what’s going on for you 👍🏼

They will reach out asking for more details - e.g. URL to Series / URL to example users etc. - Might be good to have these ready 🫡

Will update this thread as soon as there is a resolution here for this issue ✅

Hi @Shauna,

Thank you! I also have an open support ticket, and I’m currently waiting for an engineer to get in touch with. But still looking forward to your updates.

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Just posting in here for anyone else who may run into this issue. When you have a Post message in a Series, the User needs to come online and log into your site/app for that Post message to send. So if you see that you have Users who are sitting on a Series Post, Chat, or Tour node, for example, then you should look at the time and date of the last time that they’ve been seen by Intercom on your site. If they haven’t been seen since arriving at that node, then that would explain why they haven’t received the message.