Proactive Support - Integrating coursework in Welcome Message to New Users

  • 20 September 2023
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We are trying to design an in-app pop up that will be displayed to a new user upon logging in the first time and direct them to take a course (external link) and we want to keep sending reminders to the user until they click the link. My question is:

  1. If a user closes a post pop-up on the first log-in, would we be able to send reminder pop-ups at some predetermined cadence?
  2. Is it possible to have a rule that makes it so that, if a user clicks the link in that message, the message won't show up any more?

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Hi @Ramisa Chowdhury !

Below are some answers to your questions!

  1. You can choose to send your Posts on a fixed schedule in the Frequency and Scheduling section of the Post’s Edit menu.
  1. You could set something up to achieve this, but it will require a little developer work. You can subscribe to our Webhook and that will send you a notification whenever there’s activity on a Post. You will then need to write a script that updates the User with a specific Custom Attribute or Tag if they clicked on the button in the Post. You can create an Audience Rule for this Post that disqualifies Users with that Tag/Attribute from seeing the Post based on their attributes.

Another option is to make an ‘update’ call on any User who lands on the URL that the button is connected to. Have that update call update the Custom Attribute that you’re using to track this information and, as above, create an Audience Rule that filters those Users out of the audience.