Rollout features on Day 0

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Any tips or best practices for announcing the new messaging app within the product? I tried putting a tooltip above the messaging app but ran into an error. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated?


Best answer by Jacob Cox 4 June 2023, 17:26

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Adding @Milan, @Nathan Sudds & @Kevin Bendixen in case they can advise on this 🚀

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Hey there @Carmen McGrady !

Is this a Web-based app that you’re working with? If so, this is exactly the type of situation that Intercom’s Banner feature was designed for. It allows your message to stay put until a User dismisses it or you decide to Pause it. 

If you’re trying to bring attention to Intercom Messenger you can also create an Outbound Chat message to announce it’s presence. The Chat bubble will pop up from the Messenger, letting people know they can reach out to you!