Send email marketing for new leads - stuck with rule setting

  • 23 August 2023
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I have a client file in the Leads folder and want to send marketing emails to them.

I have finished composing the email but the result is still not sure how to send, because I am stuck in the setting rules "When and where to send". I don't understand how to set the rules here.

This is a new customer, has not logged in or interacted with my website. I need to send an email asking them to sign in.


What's wrong with the email notification that has been sent but no one has received it?



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Hi @Maika Support !


Those When and Where to send options aren’t required. The “When to send” option allows you to set up Event Triggers to trigger the sending of a message. For example, if you have a button on your site where a User can request product information to be sent to them, this could trigger an Event in Intercom. The triggering of that Event could prompt the Email to get sent o the User.


But you don’t have to use that. Instead, you can just create the Audience Rules to target the User(s) that you want this email to go out to and then set it live. When you set it live, the email should then get sent.


I should also note that if you are sending a direct email to a single customer, you don’t have to create a whole Outbound Email. You can reach out to them via a 1:1 message by going to their Profile page in your Intercom workspace and clicking on the ‘New Conversation’ option. 


Hope that’s helpful!