Series thinks I am creating an infinite loop, but I'm not...

  • 29 October 2020
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The Series interface thinks I am creating an infinite loop, but I don't believe I am. I have 2 sets of emails for users - 1 if they are an active user, and another if they are inactive. I want these setup in the same series so we can see if a user becomes active or inactive, and send them to the beginning of the appropriate set of emails. Before sending each email, I do a check to see if they have or haven't already been sent that email. So if they have already gotten any of the emails, they'll never get that one again, and the Series will skip to check if they have received the next email. That's how we're getting around the infinite loop issue in reality, but Intercom/Series still thinks its an infinite loop. Is there any way to get around this?


Related, how can we create a group of messages that are all eligible to send at any given point, without more than 1 sending per day, and can be sent out of order, whenever someone matches criteria for a message, and each day the first message in the group of messages that is eligible to send will send?


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2 replies

Hey @noah e11​ 👋


Thanks for reaching out here, and those details!


Let me work on my end and I'll get back as soon as I have more info to share!

Hey @noah e11​ ,


Was able to review further with teammate so thanks for your patience here! First, could you verify that you don't have any paths pointing to previous emails in the Series - here's an example of what to prevent there: 



And for your second question, I'd recommend sending these messages outside of a Series. You can leverage the filter "Last contacted more than 1 day ago" to prevent more than one message from sending per-day. In a Series, the messages would need to send in order. 


Let us know if that helps!