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  • 20 June 2023
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I am having trouble understanding how to use your transacitonal email. You make mention of examples in you blog post about sending order-related updates. But, I do not see an object as a trigger for sending email sequences. Heres an example:

Beth has 2 orders for subscriptions. Each of the two orders has it's own unique expiration date and product associated with it. The two subscriptions expire 3 months apart - one on January 31, the other on April 15th. We want to send Beth an email 3 days before the expiration of each subscription.

All i am seeing is attributes and events, but how/where do you maintain both of these orders if you only have dates or names for events, and only top-level attributes for a person?

Seems we need ability to house an array of objects associated with a person, or to act on each object as a trigger for a sequence. Please give me in-depth detail on how to architect Intercom to let an expiration date on each of these two orders trigger their own email sequence, with data specific to each of those orders in each email.


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Hi @Brad 

You can include up to 20 pieces of Event metadata when you trigger an Event. This allows you to store more details around that particular Event. That said, you have to use the Event as the trigger for the actual email in order to access that data in the actual Outbound Email message.

It seems to me that in your example above, you wouldn’t need to use an Event trigger, though. If you’re trying to send Emails to alert a User that their subscription is almost up you could send the Email based on the Event’s creation date, which can be set up under the Audience rules in the screenshot above (instead of in the Triggers section). In this scenario you would have 2 different Events for the 2 different subscription types. ‘Subscribed_to_Plan_A’ and ‘Subscribed_to_Plan_B’, for example. If each subscription is one year long and you wanted to send out the Email a month before the subscription was up, you could set the Rule to send to Users who last triggered that particular subscription Event 11 months ago (see screenshot below).

There may be other ways to set something like this up as well, but this seems to be the easiest method in my opinion. I welcome others to jump in with any methods that they find work best for them!


If you want to learn more about using Events to trigger messages you can read up on that here. You can also read up on how to track Events and Event metadata in this article!