Trigger a banner after another banner is closed

  • 8 November 2020
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In a serie I have a banner (We can call it Banner A) , I know I can trigger another banner (we can call it Banner 😎 when someone click or react to banner A. What I want to know is how to trigger a banner B if banner A is closed or ignored.


What I want to know, is how to trigger Banner B, if someone didn't react to banner A (or just close the banner) after let's say 7 days ? He see the banner , but he close it, he see the banner but he didn"t react to it ?


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2 replies

@user448​ That's an interesting question. Definitely not available within Series today, but could you craft different entry rules for A & B that would work for your scenario? If you can track users with a tag or segment that completed your desired action, you could create a rule for this. Or maybe the "if not online after xx days" option will work for you.