Triggers when an event doesn't happen

  • 12 February 2024
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I am using Intercom for the 1st time and setting up rule based emails.  The emails I want to send are based on events not happening i.e. a customer does not add users, a customer does not make a booking. Could you advise how I may do this?  I can see how to do it where an event does happen but ultimately I want my rule to look like:

Where user role X has not done event Y after Z amount of time
Then send email

Thanks in advance


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Hi @Heidi Schwick !

You can trigger messages to send based on an Event count. So, for example, if you want to send a message after a User has signed up over 30 days ago but still hasn’t triggered a specific Event you could do something like the set up below:

If your situation needs more customization than that, then I would recommend creating a Custom Data Attribute for your Users that tracks whether they currently match your desired situation or not (true/false) and then update that value on your User’s in Intercom using our REST API

Then you could create a rule for your message that tells it to only go out to Users who match that specific attribute.