Use Intercom API to trigger SMS Template with Event Metadata variables?

  • 13 May 2023
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Objective: Programmatically (API) send SMS through Intercom while passing in a payload of variables to inject into the SMS template.


We can’t find a path forward to utilize event metadata to fill in SMS template variables inside of series. 

Our current path that led to a dead-end is

  • Create a series with an event trigger. We POST an event to effectively send an SMS
  • Use event metadata to pass in sms template variable values
  • The only event attributes that show up in the SMS template builder are <eventname> first, last and count. Not our custom event metadata we specified.

Best answer by Jacob Cox 20 May 2023, 23:06

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1 reply

Hi there @john.elam !

Currently it isn’t possible to send an SMS message via the Intercom REST API.

It’s also only possible to pass the count, last, and first pieces o metadata into an SMS message at the moment. I’m happy to flag this with the team to let them know there’s interest around having access to that data for SMS messaging.

In the meantime, you might want to look into ways to store that data as Custom Data Attributes on the User Object. You should be able to set up a Series that allows you to pass in those data attributes into the SMS message!