What are best practices for handling Lead/User automated out-of-office replies to emails?

  • 18 March 2021
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We just launched a new feature and as part of our Series, we included an email. The replies were sent to our 1st Level Support team because any inquiries about the feature would go to them.


There were very few questions about the feature because it is pretty intuitive. (yay!)

Unfortunately, they got hundreds of automated replies from our users who had their own out-of-office settings turned on. (booo!)


Is there a better way to do this? As our user base continues to grow, the volume of out-of-office replies will increase.


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2 replies


Hello @ellen s11​ , I know how it's frustrating to get auto-reply e-mails in the Intercom inbox, that also makes the support department slower.


Here some workaround, We have a special rule that automatically closes such conversations:

AutoReplyKeep in mind that you should really carefully find keywords and only after that create such rule. We time to time monitoring closed conversations and also working to improve rules.


I hope this will be helpful.

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thanks, Roy. I'll see if we can come up with conditions that will scoop up most of the auto-replies without grabbing any legit tickets.