What are the benefits of a Series over a campaign?

  • 15 September 2020
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Why would I use Series over smart campaigns? What are the main benefits?


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Series has many benefits over a traditional smart campaign, including;

  • Series enables you to create multiple paths and diverging/converging paths for each messaging flow. Campaigns on the other hand only allow linear paths.
  • Series gives you a birds eye view of the entire messaging journey of your users, something that isn’t possible in Campaigns.
  • Series allows you to use all outbound channels, including Custom Bots, Mobile Carousels and Product Tours.
  • Series allows you to create fallbacks, in the event users don’t match rules for different messages by enabling you to create diverging and converging paths.
  • Series can target users, leads and visitors, Campaigns aren’t able to target visitors.


You can read more about Series in this article.