How do I keep a User in the same message forever with a specific Admin?

  • 2 August 2023
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Currently, the Intercom messenger sorts the messages by thread. After a period of inactivity, the conversation would auto-close, and any new interaction would start a new conversation or thread.

Is it possible to keep the current conversation “open” forever, even when the user abandons a workflow or closes the messenger? (Similar to the experience on a whatsapp or FB messenger, conversations are threaded by Recipient)

We want it to be easy for our Users (and Visitors) to refer back to their chat history, without having to search multiple chats.



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Hey there @albertng !

A conversation will only close if you manually close it or if you have Workflows in place to close it. If you want to force a User to always reach out to you in the same thread, then you would want to get rid of any auto-closing Workflows that you have set up in your Workspace. You’ll also want to have your Messenger Settings set up so that a User can only have one conversation open at a time.

That said, this isn’t the recommended way of using Intercom. Depending on how much communication you have with a customer, a single conversation thread runs the risk of becoming a heavy data-load and can cause loading issues in your Inbox.