How to trigger push message by a button click?

  • 22 August 2023
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I want to send an auto message to the user after he clicks on the “get help” button.

I didn't find a way to trigger a custom event like a button click.

thank you


Best answer by Larissa Alberti 22 August 2023, 17:49

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5 replies

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Hey @Shani Cohen 👋

Larissa here from Intercom Support. Thanks for reaching out!

First, you need to select the workflow with the trigger “Customer clicks a webiste element”.

Then, on the “Choose where to launch your workflow” section, you can select a button or a link on your website that people can click on to launch this bot, as per the screenshot below 👇

























For more information about this workflow trigger, I’d suggest that you check this article.

I hope this helps!

Hey @Larissa Alberti 
Thank you for your quick answer. 

I am on Intercom starter plan,  I am not sure if I  have Workflows on my plan.

From your pricing page I  can see there is “Workflows basic” 

 but I  see this on my account 


  1. Can I  define a workflow on my plan?
  2. Is there a way to do what I need without using workflows?

Thank you!


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Hey @Shani Cohen 👋

Thanks for your reply.

My apologies, I didn’t know that your plan does not include Workflows.

I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to create the workflow previously mentioned on a Starter plan. You would need to upgrade to a Pro Plan to have access to this feature.

If you are interesting of knowing more about this upgrade, I’d recommend that you reach out to our Support Team via our Messenger and we would be glad to help you.

I hope this helps!

thank you @Larissa Alberti 
Is there an alternative way to do what I  need? 
I  don't need a full workflow, only 1 push message on the chat.

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Hey @Shani Cohen 

I’m afraid there is no other way to accomplish this. You would need to have Workflow.

I hope this clarifies!