Incorrect Teammate Avatars Displayed in Intercom Messenger

  • 4 August 2023
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I'm facing an issue with the teammate avatars in the Intercom messenger.

Scenario: We have multiple chatbots for different domains, each managed by different teams with their respective teammates. However, I've noticed that the teammate avatars displayed in the Intercom messenger for my domains are not matching the correct team members. It seems to be picking avatars randomly, and I'm unable to identify the logic behind it.

As this creates confusion for our users, I would like to understand how the teammate avatars are being selected and displayed in the messenger. Is there a way to ensure that the correct avatars are shown based on the respective teams and chatbots?

Your prompt assistance in resolving this matter is highly appreciated.


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Hey @Selvam Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 

Here, we only show teammates who were the first to reply to a new user conversation in the last week. 

  • If only one teammate met this criteria, we will show only one teammate
  • If more teammates match, we will show them up to a maximum of 3
  • You cannot select which 3 teammates or narrow it down to a specific team
  • If no teammates meet the criteria, we have fallback rules to ensure that it's never blank

To get a teammate to show up in the Messenger, send a test message as an end user and have that teammate be the first to reply to message. If you'd like more information, take a glance at this Article here!


Hello @Racheal, Thank you for your quick response.