Issues with GTM and events

  • 13 October 2023
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Hi everyone, 

I’ve set up intercom through GTM and it’s working as the messenger is showing on page. 

I’m now trying to set up a proactive message to be sent when anyone makes a click where the click text is “Let us know”. 

The issue I have is that GTM is picking up the clicks correctly but intercom is not receiving the event. I’ve tried setting up the event two ways and neither work. 

Method 1 - using the intercom built GTM function for trackEvent.

Method 2 - using the custom HTML GTM function with the JS as per the guides. 

In both cases intercom is not detecting the event. I know the event is being triggered by GTM as I’m receiving it in MixPanel. 

Any ideas why this wouldn’t be working? 


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Hey @Kieran Witt Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


It looks like you are working with my teammate Ana on this. Whenever you’re able to get back to her, she can sort you out. You’re in great hands!