messenger not showing in iPad

  • 7 October 2023
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I have iPad based App where i integraet the intercome and also in website and it was working fine. 
But suddenly it stops working in both places, browser ( and mobile app

So i checkd in list of trusted domain it previously defined as "" and i changed it to
"*" and it resolved the issue in web browser( I am surpised how its possible
as it was working unitl last week and stop working and them when i changed it to "*" is resolved.

But now more complex situation as it is working now in website browser ( but gives error
in iPad app saying that "Something's gone wrong - Content could not be loaded with button as "Reload".
when click on "Reload" nothing happens which was working previosuly withouut any issue.

So now sitution it is working fine in web browser but no in iPad app


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Hey @Prashant Trivedi Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


I can see you opened up a ticket with our support team on this, definitely the right call as we’ll want to see the specifics. Someone from the team will be with you as soon as possible and I’ll update this thread!