[Android] Crash from LifecycleTracker#handleExtras method from version 15.1.3

  • 9 March 2024
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I updated in my application the sdk from version 15.0.0 to the newest version 15.7.0 and I notice that I’m getting crash when I open my application by deep link and then by pressing back button. 

The crash: 

I notice that the handleExtras method was added in version 15.1.3  and there is bug: 

activity.getIntent() can return null and than it throw NPE 
Please add null checking to avoid crashing users applications:

Intent intent = activity.getIntent();
if (intent == null){
String instanceId = intent.getStringExtra(....



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2 replies

I found similar topic: 

 Please confirm that you fix the issue and when you create a new release? 

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Hi @Mariusz Saramak !

As mentioned in that conversation that you linked, the best way to report crashes to the team is to go directly to the support team via the Messenger or Email ( The Community Forum is intended as a place for our customers to help each other. The support team does reach out to answer common questions that might be shared with other users, but issues that are as specific as a mobile app crash will usually require us to dig deeper with the customer. Therefore having a direct 1-to-1 one conversation is the best scenario for getting issues fixed.

I’m going to send this conversation over to our support team so they can make sure they have all the needed details for our App Developers. They will reach out to you via the email address that you signed up with. Thanks for reaching out about this!