Does Intercom SDK on Android use the PhotoPicker API for the image attachments feature?

  • 22 August 2023
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We’re using Intercom Android SDK 15.1.3. We use the Intercom.client().present() API to show the help center in our app.

Our app currently requires READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission and the only reason for this permission is for Intercom’s image attachments feature.

From Android documentation, on API 33, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is replaced with more granular permissions like READ_MEDIA_IMAGES etc. However, it also states that you can use the PhotoPicker to get the same behaviour without any permissions; and with the jetpack library PhotoPicker is available all the way back to API 19.

My question is: Does Intercom Android SDK use PhotoPicker? What about on pre-API 33?

The only reference to this I see is in the changlog for Intercom Android SDK v12.5.3 but it is not clear what that means for an app that integrates this SDK.


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5 replies

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Hey there @Kiran Rao !


I do know that our team was looking into an option that doesn’t require storage permission, but I’ll need to reach out to them for more details. I’ll reach back out to you here when I have more information to share!

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Hey there @Kiran Rao !

I heard back from our team regarding your PhotPicker question:

“From Intercom SDK Version 15.1.0, we no longer require READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. We have replaced with PhotoPicker for the latest Android OS versions. Based on Google's doc, the PhotoPicker is available for most devices from Android 11. For older devices, we use the OPEN_DOCUMENT as the fallback mechanism and it as well doesn't require any permission to be set from the customer’s end.”

I hope that’s helpful!

That answers my question. Thanks!

Could you please ask developers to update docs? They are still saying the permission is required.


Hey @Anton K12 

I will make sure to pass on this info to get this updated for you! Very sorry for the delay in response here as well. Please let me know if there is any other way we can help!