How to initialize Intercom thru code in React Native?

  • 29 October 2022
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Hey there, first I'd like to give a s/o to the creator of the Expo config plugin for Intercom here, and say that this is something the Intercom could pickup as well ;)


That said, the way the RN SDK is initialized is thru the native code in both Android and iOS, and unless I am mistaken, there is no way to initialize it from the SDK itself. Would be good to have a way to start it programmatically from the code as right now it is required for us to provide the API keys at build time and this makes it much harder to load those keys dynamically for example at our CI workflows.


Since the RN SDK is a wrapper of the native libraries, I could recommend to follow the approach that Segment and Sentry used on their SDKs as those also are wrappers and allow the initialization to be done at run time.


Thank you!


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Hi again @denny​ this requires @Product Wishlist​ to be mentioned 🙂

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