Intercom iOS SDK is not working

Intercom SDK for iOS platform is not working... and it is not working only on production environment because on staging everything work well. Is something working wrong with the SDK?


Best answer by Daniel M15 5 July 2022, 13:21

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Same problem here.


I'm using the Intercom SDK with React Native. I tried on device and on the simulator, on iOS & Android.


I can get it to work in my development environment, but I get the same error screen when I launch the Intercom Messenger in my production environment.

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Hey @alexandru​ and @samuel b​! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


It sounds like you could be making your request using the authentication keys and/or the Identity Verification secret keys that are associated your Test environment. Please note that your main workspace uses a different set of keys for both. Can you please check that you are using the keys from your production app in the Developer Hub and, if you've got Identity Verification enabled, the secret keys from the production workspace in Intercom?


If this is not the issue, would you mind bringing this one to our support team via the Intercom Messenger? It's possible that this may take some investigating from a Support Engineer.


Thank you 🙌

@samuel b​ I solved my problem. That API Key, from my local files, was not exactly the same one with the app from Intercom settings.

@daniel m15​ Thank you for your help.


@daniel m15​ Thanks for the quick answer. The keys were good but I had Identify Verification enabled on the production side.