Intercom SDK breaks LLDB commands

  • 2 April 2024
  • 6 replies

I am unable to run any lldb debugger commands with intercom because I get the following error:

warning: Swift error in scratch context: error: compiled module was created by a different version of the compiler ''; rebuild 'Intercom' and try again: Intercom


Aside from this, the app builds fine. Its just super annoying because I can no longer debug


I am using Intercom 16.6.0

6 replies

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Hey @Brent-envoy 👋 The latest release of the iOS SDK is 17.0.0 - Can I ask you to first update your version to make sure this isn't an issue our team has already addressed?

If this persists, I ask that you reach out to the team as due to the nature of this issue we will likely require some further details from you here - thanks!

Hi, the latest version 17.0.0 does not solve the issue.

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Thanks for this update @Brent-envoy. Can you confirm what version of Xcode you’re using?

We’re currently looking into fixing this, but we do not have an exact timeline at the moment.

I am using Xcode 15.2

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Thanks for confirming this @Brent-envoy - I’ve opened up a conversation so I can add your issue for tracking on our internal issue, I’ll be in touch via the Messenger on your workspace with further information here!

Some additional updates here.

I was able to fix the issue by both updating to the latest intercom and latest Xcode.

I believe the issue is caused because the intercom framework is a binary compiled with the latest version of swift. So using an older version of Xcode (even if its only the previous version), leads to this swift version mismatch error.

However, upgrading to the latest Xcode is not an ideal solution, as Xcode 15.3 has been incredibly unstable. So my team has been using Xcode 15.2 instead.