iOS React Native 5.2.0 leaks memory and crashes

  • 6 September 2023
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We’ve seen this now occasionally where Intercom gets into a reconnection state and keeps allocating more and more memory. On production iOS this results in a termination of the OS but in our simulator it will accumulate until it cannot get no more (we’ve seen this go up in the several hundreds of gigabytes). Since the source is closed I cannot determine where this goes wrong but the memory inspection seems to point to these two functions:



As long as we keep the debugger on we will continuously see this being triggered, literally thousands of times within a minute.


Is there anything that can be done here?


Best answer by Joseph Callaars 7 September 2023, 17:59

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2 replies

Can you try version 5.3.0 that is fixing a memory leak on iOS. It might be related.

Actually, 5.3.1 that just came out seems to have a potential bug fix. I’ll try that one out.