iOS status bar color bug

Hi intercom.


The bug related to the status bar on iOS is still happening. I have reported this bug a year ago but it was shortly introduced back.


I have updated the library to the latest version and added a video related to it.>


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Hi @user350​, can you expand a bit more on this bug? What's happening with the status bar on iOS?

You can try to read the report again, watch the video and test the application created in the repository.

Hi @eric f11​,

Usually, people on repos and forums ask for videos and a repo to reproduce. It was given in the first instance here and you have asked what is the bug?

Have you opened the repo link? It has the video and all explanation needed.


Let me know if you need something more specific than that.



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Hey @leandro h​, @user350​, yep, that's my bad entirely, missed that the outline was in the repo, I went straight to the issue that was open in the repo. I'll take a look and check in with our mobile team.

I did update the repository to respect the Intercom initialization in the `SceneDelegate`, it didn't help or sort the issue but confirms that the problem is not the Intercom initialization in the `AppDelegate`.


Note this issue: is another user experiencing this issue too.

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Thanks for the extra context, @user350​. Our product team are aware of this issue and, once it is triaged and assigned, it will be investigated. I will update this thread once I have a further update 👍

Hi Intercom team,


I've recently encountered this bug as well and wondering what is the status on it?


I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong with our app's status bar, and it turned out it's due to Intercom. That was very frustrating, at least now I found the reason. So the next frustration is that it hasn't been fixed yet after 9 months (looking at when this was originally posted).


Just to note, I have updated the SDK to version 11.1.2 and it still has the issue.