Is it possible to send message to mobile users after they have launched our app?

  • 5 January 2021
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I work for a company that rents out vehicles. We've introduced a user attribute that displays the license plate of the vehicle that is being reserved. As soon as a user reserves a different vehicle, this attribute changes into a different license plate.


I want to be able to instantly start a chat, or send a message, as soon as this attribute changes. During our tests we were only able to send chats and posts when a user matches the rules at the start of their session when they launch our app, but not after that.


Does anybody have any idea on how to send chats, post, carrousels etc. after the initial launch of our mobile app?


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7 replies


@dave r11​ , The best way here will be to create a conversation via API, once the customer reserves a different vehicle.

More information about creating a conversation via API;

More information about creating a conversation initiated by an admin;

Thanks for the reply @roy s11​ . I will send this to our developers to take a look at.


@dave r11​ , Let me know if you have further questions, always happy to help 🤘.

Our developer informed me that this solution will only work when you also hardcode the message content in your backend. Unfortunately we need a more flexible approach for sending these kind of messages.


After that we found"alt="http://"target="_blank">this Intercom article that says: "We check for new messages when your app opens and whenever your customer or your app interacts with Intercom."


So I don't know if this is possible at all. 😭


Do you, or anyone else, have any suggestions?


Hi @dave r11​ , Let me explain this situation fully.


Intercom currently not support an infinity loop, that's means that the matching rule can be triggered only once per matching user.

That's why your request, as soon as the attribute changes send the user instant chat is not possible.


You can request this to @Product Wishlist​ , already lot's of users asking about this feature.


In the meantime, you can follow my advice and send in-app messages via API.

Q - Our developer informed me that this solution will only work when you also hardcode the message content in your backend

A - It depends on how your developers will build this solution. We are also sending in-app chats via API but we have settings in our Admin Panel, that allow us to time to time update this message (Without developer interaction).


Some of our use case:

  • Once a customer sends bad feedback, we are creating an in-app chat that allows support to quick response and resolves customer issues.
  • Once a customer writes a password incorrectly 5 times, we are triggering in-app chat via API.


Such messages can be changed via our Operation panel (Admin Panel), without any developer interaction.

Thanks for the quick reply @roy s11​ ! 👍


I will be definitely adding this request to the Product Wishlist.

Furthermore, I will discuss your solution with our team to see if we can send some more general messages through the API.


@dave r11​ , Let me know if you need help or want to discuss any details. Always happy to help.

This screenshot shows one of our examples:

FeedbackWe are not only creating a conversation via API but also creating private notes for support staff.

That helps us to quickly identify problems, go admin panel URL and etc...