React Native: Error 404 when any kind of login

  • 31 October 2023
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When I attempt to log in (using either loginUnidentifiedUser or loginUserWithUserAttributes), I encounter the following error: [Error: ERROR - [HTTP 404] - Resource Not Found].

The Android API Key and app ID are correctly set in android/app/src/main/java/com/recruitrobin/

RN v0.7.2.6


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2 replies

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Hey @victorrecruitrobin 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


This looks like it may require additional investigation with specific examples, so I’ve gone ahead and escalated this as a conversation with the Support team. They will get back to you within that conversation as soon as possible! 

Hello, thanks for your response. I was able to resolve this issue by doing this:

We use Expo in our application. Due to this, we were utilizing the config-plugin-react-native-intercom library to configure the native code automatically. It appeared to work, as it could indeed modify the native code when we ran npx expo prebuild. However, for some unknown reason, Intercom was displaying the 404 error.

Therefore, I decided to run npx expo prebuild without this library and to make the required changes manually. After that, Intercom was able to work well.