What is the Android equivalent of "IntercomDidStartNewConversationNotification" from the iOS Intercom SDK?

I'm trying to figure out how to detect an Intercom Message was sent from our app. This is achievable in the iOS SDK using the "IntercomDidStartNewConversationNotification" NSNotification, albeit without knowing what the message actually was. Is there any way using the Android SDK? Doesn't look like there is... I'm a bit confused why there are hardly any callbacks or notifications within the Mobile clients when certain important events occur. Is this really not a requested feature?


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Would be nice to get a response from an engineer...


Findings so far:

There may be a hacky solution using the UnreadConversationCountListener. We send an automated message to the user immediately so we can see the unread count go from x to x + 1 soon after creating a new conversation. But this relies on the fact that we do currently do this auto-reply, and might not always do this at all or in all circumstances.


When log level is set to Verbose we see the following in LogCat:

I/Intercom: Dispatched Action: NEW_CONVERSATION_SUCCESS:

But, we can't access those logs in a Production setting and the SDK does not expose this event.

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Hey @ross b12​! Daniel here from Customer Support Engineering 🔧


At the moment, we do not offer an Android equivalent for the iOS IntercomDidStartNewConversationNotification NSNotification. There is no workaround that we have in place right now that can achieve the same functionality in an Android app.


This feature has been requested in the past, and is currently under review by our product team. In the meantime, keep your eyes on our GitHub repository for Android for updates and new features 👀