Why isn't it possible to delete the current user from Intercom from the Mobile SDK?

  • 6 December 2021
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It seems like it should be possible to delete all of the current user's data with Intercom using the Mobile SDK and not have to call the REST API to do this.


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4 replies

@rolf​! Just to make sure I am on the same page as you are you trying to bulk delete users using mobile SDK? If so then the best option would be to use REST API


Thanks for replying, @aparna​ :)


No, I'm just thinking about the current user, not bulks.


Let's say we have an app where a user (singular) creates an account with us [the company], and then we register that user with Intercom using the Intercom SDK.


Sometime later, the user doesn't want to have an account with [the company] anymore and uses our "Delete account"-button which removes the user from our registers.


It's at this point we'd like be able to use the Intercom SDK to remove the user from Intercom as well.


I could not find a way of doing this without calling the REST API directly.

Thanks for clarifying @rolf​ For programmatically deleting user/company within Intercom REST API would be the best option. Otherwise, you can manually delete the company from their profile page in Intercom and the user as shown in this article


Appreciate the reply, truly. But my question was why it isn't possible to use the SDK directly as that would be the most convenient way to do it. It could just require a reauthentication like a password change does and work.