Xcode 12.3 RC compile issue with Intercom.framework

  • 10 December 2020
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We've been using Intercom.framework in our iOS app for some time without issues. However we're upgrading to the Xcode 12.3 Release Candidate and have encountered a new error which fails our build:


Building for iOS Simulator, but the linked and embedded framework 'Intercom.framework' was built for iOS + iOS Simulator.


It appears that this latest version of Xcode is validating the original framework binary and well before "" is called.

The error goes away if we manually remove the unneeded architectures from the source fat binary, but getting this right for all build flavours is going to be quite tricky.


Are there any known or recommended workarounds? Is there a plan to update Intercom to using .xcframework as that would help this area too?


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10 replies

👋 Hey! Thanks for posting about this. Xcframework is something we're working on, but I don't have a release date in mind just yet. I'll check in with the team today to see if they have anything they can recommend for you in the meantime.

Hey @user528​! One of our Engineers will reach out to you directly via Intercom. Would be good to check a couple of things 👍

Hi Mathew, he contacted me but I'm not being able to reply to the conversation directly, Intercom says the conversation has ended. Can you please ask him to send me another message?


D'oh! Sorry about that. I'll let him know 👍

Hey! We are facing a same issue.

Hi, we are also facing this issue. We are unable to build the app with such problem.

Hey folks. We've been working on this since the Xcode release candidate was made available, and we'll be releasing an updated version of the iOS SDK today. This will resolve the issue 👍

Do you know if we can get notified of this release? Stuck unable to build 😅

Just to follow up on this, we released v9.0.0 of the iOS SDK yesterday with the fix for this issue. Release notes are available here:>

Hey. We don't have a way to notify you about new releases at the moment, but you can see them all in our GitHub repo here: there, you can watch the repo and select the 'releases only' option to be notified 👍