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  • 14 September 2021
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I am trying to set up an Intercom product tour inside a chrome-extension. When I add the chrome-extension URL to the product tour builder i.e chrome-extension:/...../page.html the forward button, "open website" is disabled. Does anyone has an idea if it is possible to add a product tour to a chrome-extension?






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@user382​ curious if you've ever tried to build a Product Tour within a Chrome extension? Strikes me as not possible, but perhaps you've found a workaround!

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Hello @ludwig​ that's an interesting question. Thanks @eric f11​ for bringing it to my attention.


So let me get the full understanding of this:

  • You are the owner of the extension and you can get the Intercom javascript into that page content?
  • When you do that and you go to the chrome-extension url, do you see the Intercom chat icon? Does it load properly?
  • Do you as a dev of the extension, have the content of that page published elsewhere (on your server)? I'm not a dev, even less a chrome extension expert, but I believe the content of that page should be available on your server and that there is a way to access it, right? Check my LastPass, it's almost identical when I access it via their page and via the extension, so I just assume that behind that chrome-extension:// url is a proper url that is being loaded from your server...

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If so, have you tried building the Product Tour on that page(s)?


I understand that Open Website button and that field have a validation for a proper URL format and that chrome-extension:// is not considered as a valid URL format, but if you build it on your URL, it might work for users accessing chrome-extension:// URL... worth trying out.