Can someone help us set up Product Tours for customer onboarding?

  • 17 November 2021
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We are looking for a person or company that could provide services in the setup and implementation of a world-class customer onboard experience using the Intercom Product Tour product. We currently use the Support and Marketing products are well.


We will be launching a new product in the Work Management space in the upcoming weeks and are ready to hire a resource now. The name of our company is SmartSuite, but we have not yet released any information publically as we tried to be very quiet about what we have been working on for the past 2 1/2 years.

I am happy to provide more details to anyone that would like to propose on this work. Thank you.


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Hey @jon d​ ! Our support team will help you if you run into any issues while setting up the tour. But at the moment we cannot set it up for you or have a list of Intercom experts to help companies set up Product hours. If you just need help our Customer Success team has created demo videos that walk you through different features and solutions through Intercom. We do have plenty of Articles in our help center  to guide you on this.

@user382​  I know you've helped out Connectors in need of Intercom expertise in the past, so this may be of interest to you!

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Thanks @aparna​ for mentioning me! ❤


@jon d​ I would be interested in helping you - I worked with some B2B SaaS companies that used Product Tours, I can even show you some of the ongoing work. Reach out to me on LinkedIn email milan.m.markov <at>



You are most welcome @user382​ !!