Cannot use double braces in product tour

  • 24 October 2023
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I am trying to add double braces into a pointer inside of Product Tours. Unfortunately it appears this may already have been used as an internal method to show personalised data, as when I test the tour the value within the double braces does not show. See the two images below.

Is there a way to escape these characters? It’s quite important for the functioning of our application to show to correct way to add variables into your app, and without us being able to use these characters it becomes difficult to effectively showcase how our application work.

Product Tour Configuration

Product Tour Test 



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2 replies

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Hi @Derk Zomer !

You are correct that our product tours use the double braces for inserting variables into tours and other outbound messages. So, that’s why it’s causing issues for you. I think your best bet here would be to use a screenshot of the text instead of actually typing it out, like I’m showing here 👇

Let us know if you run into any issues with that!

Thanks. That’s example what I did :)