Click on element does not advance tour

  • 26 August 2022
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I know the selector is correct because its highlighted in the tour. Then when I click on it it stays on that step and does not advance. The next step is a post so its not related to the selector on that step. Any ideas?


Best answer by Racheal 30 August 2022, 19:58

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Hey @michael h15​ Racheal from the Support Engineer team here 👋


We use a library called Finder to generate a unique CSS selector. We then use this selector to identify the element on the page to point a step at. For pages that are static this works really well, however, it is sensitive to change, meaning that the CSS selectors generated by Finder may not continue to work after the page has been updated. It looks like your hover element is a dynamic CSS selector, which our Tours do not currently support.


We do track these requests and our product team has this on their radar. Hopefully we see support for on hover type elements in the future!