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  • 19 October 2023
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Hi, I’m new to Intercom so apologies if this one is obvious.

I would like to trigger a banner or post as a prompt for users who either:

  1. Closed a product tour on a page without completing the tour
  2. Remain on a page without action for an extended period

Essentially I want to create reminder prompts when it looks like the user is having trouble on a page. 



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Hi @Emma Spencer !


You should be able to accomplish this, but it will take some dev work. Below are overviews of how you could achieve this. I’m starting with the second one first because it’s solution plays into the first solution.

2). Remain on a page without action for an extended period

You will need to add a javascript timer to your frontend to gauge how long has passed without action on the end user’s side. When that time hits, you can call our ‘trackEvent’ method in order to call an Event that lets Intercom know that the inactive time has been reached. You will want to have a Post or a Banner set up with an Event Trigger so it sends when that Event has been called. You can read up on how to set up a message to get triggered via an Event this up in this article.

1). Closed a product tour on a page without completing the tour

We have Webhooks for tracking Product Tour interactions. You will need to subscribe to the content_stat.tour Webhook and pay attention to when the Tour is Received. Then, if there is no completion hook sent after a certain amount of time, you would trigger an Event on the user via our REST API. You would set up the Outbound Banner/Post message to trigger based on that Event getting triggered just like you did above.


The specific details of how to set all of this up in your code will be up to your dev team to decide.. Happy to answer any specific question you might have around our REST API, Webhooks, and Events! Feel free to add them here, in the forum, or you can reach out to our Support team via the Messenger in your workspace or by emailing!

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@Emma Spencer  welcome to the Intercom Community!


I think you are going to find that Intercom is very powerful especially with nocode options for ideas just like these you've mentioned.


For the customized trigger you can use the time on page setting along with the specific url to launch relevant chat and help content very easily.


Here's an example from the Intercom documentation:



You can see here under 'When to send' that a timer can be added so the popup doesn't launch until the person has been on the page for 10 seconds and with the designated page url, if you want to create a different regions l response on each page that's relevant to the page content. In this example it also highlights the referrer to allow the message to be very relevant with a message geared towards a Product Hunt referral. 


More info here


For the tour related trigger, I don't think you can track who has dismissed the tour or who didn't complete the tour at this time unless you maybe have a last step of the tour where you know if a user didn't view that page then they didn't finish the tour.


According to the Intercom help center it seems to confirm this as well:



I do wish this existed as well, maybe it's worth putting in a feature request for it.


Hope this helps!

@Jacob Cox