Dynamic URL that are not on the first page of the Product Tour.

  • 12 October 2023
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I’ve checked the previous asked questions, but can’t find a proper way to do it.

While creating a Product tour for multiple pages, how can I add steps that should showing up on after navigating away from the first page(ex:, the URL of the second page is generated dynamically, like this:, 1234 is the project id.

Scenario: In my tour I ask user to create a new project and this takes the user to new page. Now on the new page, we have the projectId as the url parameter. So when I create a tour and user clicks on the New Project button, I want to show the following steps when the user navigate to

Is there a way that I can input the dynamic URL for the second or even the third page in a tour? 


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Hi @Elwin Huang,

The only URL that matters is the first one. The tour will follow the user around to those other pages based on the buttons that they click. If you’re seeing that the tour doesn’t continue to display when going to the second page then you might want to look at what CSS Selectors you’re using for the Pointer Steps on that page. If you are using dynamic CSS Selectors this could mean that you are telling the tour to point to an element that isn’t located on the page, which could cause issues. You can read up on how CSS Selectors work with Tours in this article.

Thanks, I’ll check the selector.