Hello everyone! I have a list of banners that depends on specific field that the user sends.

1) Users see one of my banners;

2) User clicks dismiss button;

3) User will never see this banner again;


Question: How to show this banner to the user again if the user again sends data to trigger the banner;



  • if user send "banner_type: yellow" -> we show yellow banner;
  • The user clicks the 'X' button and changes the "banner_type" field from yellow to red;
  • Then the user again sends "banner_type: yellow" --> for now we don't show the yellow banner again because the user previously clicked the dismiss button (NEED TO FIX THIS).


Do you have a mechanism for this?

Thank you in advance!


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Hey @user1246​ ! Looking at your use case, I would suggest using series to show the banner message. You can send the first banner(yellow) message and once it is sent to the user you can send the second banner(red) message. In series whether the user dismiss the banner or not it will be shown to them only once. Let me know if that make sense.

Hey @aparna​ , thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately, I think I need different. The users will see some specific banner in the case when they reach some specific limit. For example:

  • User reach 80% limit -> update Intercom -> see 80% banner


Two problems that I facing and trying to find a way to solve them:

1) If the user clicks dismiss button -> user will never see the banner again;

2) If users see the banner, and have a limit of 80% -> reduce the size of the limit to 70% -> Update Intercom. We need somehow remove the banner (without page refresh), but we can't

Hey @user1246​ ! When users click on the dismiss button the banner message will not show again. Are you able to view the banner message even after clicking on the dismiss button?


I am not sure what that 80% limit you are referring to. Do you track that data using a custom attribute?