How can I do to make that my product tour follow me in 2 different websites ?

  • 13 February 2021
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I need to do a product starting on a website A and during the tour I have to do the user clic on an item that show you a feature in an other wbesite B (websites A & B have two different urls).

I did mention "navigate somewhere" to set up all my pointer, but when I test it on preview when I click on the item to show the new website it reload itself to and stay on the first website and the product tour closes.


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7 replies

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Hey there @marie p11​, do the URLs share a domain, or are they both completely different?


In order for a Product Tour to display, you'll have to be showing it on at least the same subdomain - it wouldn't be possible to show a tour across two totally different URLs.

Hi @eric f11​ 

Yes we are on the same subdomain :

  • url A is ***
  • url B is


How to do it ? :)

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Hello @marie p11​ , Can you confirm that the Intercom code is installed at URL B?


BTW - I like Swile, Nice product 👍

Hello @roy s11​ 

thanks :)

Yes Intercom is installed on both url, I have different other product tour that are running on thoses URL :)


In last december I was able to do it (by the way this one have the same problem​ now), but it seems that it is no more possible :s

For the record : It doesn't work on preview but goes well on prod :)

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Hey @marie p11​, gotcha, so it's working fine when you set it live, but there's no way for you to first preview it? If that's the case, I'd like to dive into this some more with you to open a bug report.

I am having this same issue. Is there a workaround? Or could I provide more information to intercom if this is consider to be a bug?