How do I set up the same Product Tour to be used across different organisations?

  • 26 October 2020
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We are a LMS platform that hosts learning content of different organizations. We have a product tour on how to use our platform, but diferent organizations are set up with dufferent brandinng colors etc.


How do we set up the tour in such a way that the same tour appears for different organizations.


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2 replies


Hi @user377​ ,


If you are using companies in Intercom, you can use company attributes or company tags to show different product tours. 

If you just have users in Intercom, you should use user attributes or tags.



User attribute - Branding: Blue or Tag: Blue; 

During the creation of a product tour, select the same segment.


In addition to Roy's idea, it might be best to have different tours to customize the goals for each organization, as a tour should really drive specific actions and the fewer, the better. Having a tour to fit all people may miss some great opportunities to meet your customer's needs even more.