How to fire product tour with a staged feature rollout?

  • 25 February 2021
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I have a product tour for a new feature announcement which I don't want to fire on the entire customer base, because we will launch the feature to 10%, then 30%, then 100% of the customer base.


I know that Intercom can track usernames but 10% means 10,000 users and I can't manually specify all 10,000 to Intercom or upload a file to Intercom.


At this time, I think I will turn off automatic product tour firing and our UI layer will have to see if a user is in the 10% and then fire the product tour on the page. Unfortunately, it shall need to remember who has vs. has not seen the tour.


Or is there another way possible?


Even on the option above, when the feature is rolled out to ALL users - if I turn on the automatic product tour firing, it will fire a 2nd time for ALL users; correct? I wish for that to not happen. Unless I delete the tour and then build a new one for the next feature rollout.


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Hi @user855​ ,

I believe you are right about using a custom event to fire the product tour automatically but you don't have to worry about the user receiving the tour twice. For any rule, be it a custom event or not, Intercom only matches a user once. So even when you change the rule to include all users, you will only be sending it to users who haven't received the tour before.