How to set up Product Tour on app that loads in new tab?

  • 10 January 2022
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Context: we already use Intercom Chat in-app and that works just fine.


I'm trying to create a Product Tour. To launch the builder, I enter the URL. We're a Shopify Sales Channel, so putting the URL in launches the Shopify login screen. I log in, navigate down to Sales Channels, and then click our app — all while staying in the iframe that Intercom pops up.


Here's where things break down.


When I click to launch our app, it always opens in a new tab. That new tab comes through on my full browser and not the iframe from Intercom. I can't replace the URL in the iframe to be my app. Shopify doesn't let me right-click and choose to open our app in the current tab.


I've checked that the app_id lines up between Intercom and our Product — it does.


So, I'm stuck. How can I "force" the Product Tour builder to load when I can't get access it via the iframe?


I appreciate any and all guidance here — thank you.


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Not sure if this helps you somehow. But for our app (not on Shopify) I can log in with the browser I use to handle Intercom and I will stay logged in on the builder. I guess through the cookies