Is there a way to append a query string in a link click (Click on the element) or to set a completely different URL to the target?

  • 15 October 2020
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We have some automated behaviors in our application that should preferably not run during the product tour. I'd like to be able to append "?producttour=1" in the URL so we can deactivate some functionalities in the code. Is that something that's possible or that will eventually be?


Thank you


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Hey @stéphan​ 


Yes, that should work = )

@roy s11​ What should work? You probably mean if I add the parameter myself in my code. But I can't do that, my code doesn't know the product tour is running.


What I need it the product tour to append a query string so I can get it in PHP when the page changes. Doesn't seem to be possible right now.


@stéphan​ , What about instead of showing tour automatically, run it via URL?


You can customize Product tour URL and redirect new customers there:

productour-urlMore information about sharing product tour via URL -> Here


Hope this helps.