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  • 19 April 2022
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Is it possible to allow a tour to allow multiple forms to be filled out in a single step? For example, we want to use a tour to review our new widget setup functionality and there are 3 total fields that need to be filled out (two drop downs and a form field) but the tour does not recognize the drop down fields and if I select the last field that is a standard form field you can only fill out that field. Ultimately I'd like a contact to be able to fill out all of those fields and then click next to advance both the product tour and our wizard (which will not advance if everything is not filled out).


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2 replies

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Hey @user1024​ 

You should be able to set up a product tour to go through each field on a form - but you initially ask to allow multiple forms to be filled out, and also in a single step.

So, yes to multiple fields on a form but I don't think you can just select a large section of your form with multiple fields in it and get them to fill in all of it. You would have to point to each field in a step of your tour, and select "Fill in the field" as the action the tour needs to proceed. This makes sure that the data is correct before proceeding. You can't get this check by selecting an area with multiple fields in there.

Did that help or am I not understanding your issue? Screenshots of the tour and where you are pointing would help.


Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the form option works for a drop-down, so I cannot use three different steps. When I tested individual fill out form options the tour was not advancing consistently when a drop-down option was selected. That is why I want to be able to click 'outside' of the single field and be able to do multiple things within a larger highlighted area.