Separating tours from series & Tracking URL/ page visits?

  • 30 June 2021
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1st — Is there a way to remove a tour from a series without deleting it? And more so, is there a way to duplicate a tour within a series to be a standalone tour? I am currently having to create a new tour and copy and paste steps from the one I wanted to duplicate and/or move out of a series and its not fun, lol.


2nd — We have a lot of tours currently connected to series that we want to take out and make purely URL page visit based. But since this is a new tour (technically) with the same content, will it send out the tour to a user the first time they see the page after the tours been set to live? Or is it smart enough to know that they viewed that page prior to the tour's existence?


I'm not sure how to proceed since I can't just remove the current tour from the series, and the only way I can see to get it to be standalone is to create a new one, but I don't want to send redundant tours to people that have seen the previous one in the past.


Confusing, I know... but thanks for your time.


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Hello @alexandra k​ 👋, I hope you are doing well.


1. Once you delete the product tours from Series, there is no way to bring them back. The best way will be to remove matching lines and left the product tour alone there.


It's not possible to duplicate Series tours and create a separate one, however, that's good feedback for @Product Wishlist​ group.


2. You can tag previews users with some tag and then use this tag to exclude these people from viewing newly created product tours.


- Open the Series;

- Click on the product tour;

- Go to completed section;

- Customers who completed -> Tag All;


Tag than and use this tag to exclude customers during sending new product tour:


BTW - Why are you moving from a Series product tour to a standalone one?

With Series it's also possible to select page URL as an entry rule and launch the tour:

currentpageMuch easier will be to create new entry rules and switch matching lines to existing product tours.


I hope this will be helpful, let me know if you have any questions okay? I'll be happy to help

@Roy 🦄​ Thanks for the info, I will update the tours in the series to have their own entry rules, for the sake of not having to do the tag workaround. Can you tell me what the key benefits are of utilizing standalone product tours, vs just having them all in series? It doesn't make sense for me to have a product tour trapped in a series when it's only connected to URL rules, but not any other pathways. So it's frustrating not being able to move them in and out of the series without having to completely delete them.