Series not going live and how to preview?

  • 23 August 2023
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I’ve tried using the series but nothing happens when I set it live (only for myself to preview). I tagged the tooltips and product tour then added them to the series. I’ve also tried setting the tooltips and product tour live then setting the series live but I can’t tell if that worked just because I set them live individually. 



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5 replies

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Hi @Sulamita Ivanov 

Can you clarify what you’re trying to do with this Series? The way you have it set up in that screenshot once the person matches the rules of the Series they would receive a series of 3 tags. They wouldn’t actually receive any ToolTips or Tours (unless you have some ToolTips and Tours that will send out based on Users who have those Tags in the Audience Rules of those messages).


Also, if a User enters a Series and moves through it, and then you replace the nodes of the Series, the User who already entered won’t pass through those new Nodes. 

For example, if I had a Series that went like this :

  • Entry Rule → Tour → Rule → Tooltip → Tag

And my user made it all the way to the middle Rule. If I were to delete the ‘Tour’ node and replace it with a ‘Tag’, The User won’t receive that Tag at Node 2, because they’ve already moved past that node of the Series.


Let me know if that explains things for you. If it doesn’t, then let me know exactly what you’re expecting to have happen with the Series that you sent, above, and I can try to better clarify the behavior for you!


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Hi @Jacob Cox , thank you for your help! You’ve helped answer a few questions! I wasn’t aware of how tags worked. Someone responded to another one of my questions saying I can use tags to create the user journey I wanted. 

Here’s what I’m trying to accomplish:

When a user logs on I want 1. a tooltip to appear on our new feature (which isn’t animated btw when it’s live for some reason), If they decide to proceed and click on the new feature, 2. it would trigger a 3 step tour through the new feature, then 3. ends with one more tooltip to end the journey. 


I added the tags to the 2 tooltips and the product tour since that’s what someone else recommended but maybe I misunderstood. Should I instead re-build the journey in the series?


Thank you again very much for the help!

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@Jacob Cox Is the only way to add a tooltip to a series is to add a tag to it first then add the tag to the series?

This is how I saved the tag as an example.


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Hey @Sulamita Ivanov Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


Adding a tag to your Tooltip does not add it to a Series, the Tooltip tag is just there to help you filter and search for your outbound messages. It is not possible to add a Tooltip to a Series as this time, I’m happy to flag that as a feature request for the team to consider in the future! In the meantime, I think what my teammate that you mentioned you spoke to previously was suggesting was having a tagger block in your Series, then use that tag in your Tooltip audience. That way the user will not match for the Tooltip until they hit that tagger block in your Series:

Let me know if that clears things up!

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Hi @Racheal thank you for clarifying! I’ve rebuilt the tour and I was able to view it except the tooltip part again. I’ll just not use it for now.