Share Product Tours within a Series as additional help during Inbox conversations.

  • 23 March 2021
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When Product Tours are added to a Series, those Product Tours are not available to share as additional help material during Inbox conversation replies.

This must be made available. Here's and example of why:

1. Series full of various Product Tours targeted at new users to LEARN the application; based on what page/screen user lands a respective Product Tour surfaces.

2. A 'How-To' support Inbox conversation comes in from any user (new, active/old) and a Support agent believes a Product Tour from that Series might be very helpful and provide hands-on (in-context help). But, the Product tours that are part of a series are NOT available to insert in Inbox replies. :(


Intercom Support says this isnt possible since it defies the very purpose of a Series (send only upon rules defined in the series, which makes sense logically).


I've gotten the workaround suggestion from Intercom support:

Recreate your tour outside of the Series, turn off the Show automatically feature, and turn on the Use tour everywhere, in order to have the tour only available to share with users in conversations. 


I've thought about and veto-ed the workaround myself because of the redundancy and having to track two different tours for goals.


Has anyone faced this and what measures have you taken? Or if you have any suggestions for me, please send them my way!


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Hey there! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


The workaround you've been provided with is the closest that we can provide at the moment to achieve this functionality. As you mentioned, tours in Series' aren't available for individual sharing in the Inbox as they were designed to be completed sequentially. However, I totally understand why this would be a useful feature for our users, so if this is something you'd like to see implemented down the line, feel free to drop it in our Product Wishlist group 😊 And remember to keep your eyes on our Built For You page to stay up to date with all of our latest product announcements and updates 👀

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Thank you for reverting @daniel m15​ .