User Segmentation in Product tours

  • 16 August 2021
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Hi There!


I was wondering if advanced user segmentation is available in product tours.

I will explain my use-case here.


We have specific URLs for each customer say etc.


Each URL is different. Customer1 will not have access to pages in Customer2.


In such a case, is there a scope of creating groups to which we can assign a product tour? I want only those specific users to view that tour.

Also, in the URL to automatically start a tour, is there a support for wildcards?

Will using "*" or something else instead of "*" automatically make the tour available for the mentioned websites?


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4 replies

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Hi @shyam p​ yes this should be possible. tours will only trigger or start from the URL's you enter and you can specify that a tour "contains" part of a URL.

You would have to create a new Product tour for each scenario - but you could possibly use the duplicate function and reassign the URL's and steps to the new website elements to help cut down time.


If you are wanting to show the tour automatically you can use the URL "Contains" function


PT1As well as you have to specify the base URL where the product tour starts from (when triggered automatically or manually)

PT2Hope that helps.

Hey @brent w​ Thanks again. You have been extremely kind and helpful!

I am concerned about the STEP 3, which you have showcased in the second image.

The "URL" field is asking me to "Make sure everyone can access this URL".

But as I have mentioned earlier, each customer has a separate URL, and there is no common page accessible by everyone. Do you happen to know a way I can make this work?

It would be awesome if you could share your thoughts.


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Hey again @shyam p​ this does indeed make it a little tricky and may need a more technical mind than mine to help. I had a quick play around in my test site. Going on your explanation I was able to set up a product tour that popped automatically based on the "contains" rule but where you might get into trouble is in that area you pointed out - as everyone needs access to that URL for you to be able to do things like send the tour to customers via messenger or add to bots and articles.


If you just wanted to pop the tour automatically then it might work as long as your CSS elements are the same across every customer site. More on CSS in here.>


But as to being able to get around your issue of different sites and showing the tour everywhere - of that I'm not sure, sorry. If no one can help out on this forum, it might be best to reach out to Intercom support.