What is the industry standard completion/goal rate for Product Tours?

My question is for all the users...

What is the industry standard completion/goal rate for product tours? We are at around 60% and I want to know if that’s good


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Hi @andrea g​ ,


In my opinion that depends on Product tour purpose, is it a new customer onboarding, feature adoption or pre recorder tour for support?


Are you creating A/B tests for your product tour? to make different experience and define the winning strategy it's crucial to run A/B tests during using product tour f or user on-boarding.


You can do this with Series, here's the article about this topic:

Test different paths with multivariate split testing in Series


I hope this will be helpful = )

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Hello @andrea g​ 

As someone who really looked forward to this Intercom feature and since I used it for several Intercom clients, as well as different other digital adoption platforms (i.e. WalkMe, Pendo, Appcues...) I can assure you there is no single answer to your question - not even a range of % of completion you should expect.


This is due to Tours can be used for such different things, can be simple (just a few steps) or ultra-complex (where completion rate would be significantly lower), but it will also depend on the industry your service/app belongs to, who is your target audience (young, tech-savvy people, digitally literate or perhaps old people, not used to using digital services or used to getting this kind of support).


So whatever you do, the first version you launch is to set a benchmark, and then work to improve that.