What's the best way to allow users to search for and take different product tours at a later time?

Ideally I'd like to have a 'tours' section in the messenger. Users could click this and access a range of tours within the product. I know there is the content showcase app we could add, but if we have a range of 20 different tours say, it doesn't feel like this would be ideal.


Maybe create an article with links to tours, and showcase the tour article? Still doesn't feel ideal though. Any suggestions?


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 17 June 2022, 08:29

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@lewis s​ We have created a separate section in our helpdesk and then created individual articles for every tour. That way, the user can also use the search to find the tours.

@kevin b​ awesome, thanks mate! Will give this a go, but it would be great to have an 'app' in the messenger for searching tours/guides etc!

@lewis s​ Maybe using an onboarding Checklist would help? For example, each checklist is a Product Tour URL, a user can also see which one they have completed. If you want to give it a try. Our Checklist app is in the Intercom App Store:>